The Advantages of Silicone Adult Toys

What is silicone? What makes silicone sex toys different from other adult toys available on the market? Silicone is a non active manufactured compound that has a similar feel to rubber and is heat resistant. It’s free from phthalates (substances added to plastics to make them longer lasting and more flexible) which are thought to harbour chemicals which may result in mutagenic and carcinogenic effects on the skin. Some less expensive sex toys in the adult marketplace still contain phthalates which could or could not cause harm to the skin.

Silicone Adult Toy Advantages

Silicone sex toys are usually made from superior quality medical grade silicone which is used in medical applications as well. Medical grade silicone is perfectly suited to the making of adult toys because it is strong and tough. Silicone toys for adults also have many other plus points when compared with less expensive alternatives. As previously stated, they do not have phthalates in them. They also have the quality of being silky smooth to the touch and are soft enough to be inserted easily but rigid enough to retain their shape and hence provide real satisfaction. Silicone adult toys are also odourless, tasteless, hypoallergenic, anti allergic, waterproof (therefore easy to clean) and non toxic. Their durable properties also allow them to be heated up, cooled down and even washed in the dishwasher! A number of toys for adults made from silicone come with the added benefit of having some flexibility meaning they can be made into different shapes bringing about an easier way to target your sweet spot.

Silicone Sex Toy Brands

There are a number of brands that famous for their assortment of silicone sex toys. Fun Factory Sex Toys are so uniquely styled that they have achieved awards for their innovative designs. Their high quality products include male sex toys, clit massagers, vaginal balls, anal sex toys and strapless strap ons. Tantus Sex Toys are also renowned for their original designs and quality products which are on the whole made up of vibrators and dildos that are suited for anal or vaginal pleasures, and butt plugs. The majority of their colourful adult toys have flared bases which makes them compatible for harness use.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For Silicone Adult Toys

As with all high quality items sex toys made from silicone do retail at a higher cost than cheaper alternatives with a number of silicone adult toys having a recommended retail price of up to £100. Nonetheless it is possible to also get a good quality silicone vibrator, dildo or anal toy for around £20. It’s well worth paying the initial outlay if you reflect that while some cheaper adult toys could only last a few years, silicone adult toys are durable enough to keep going for a considerable number of years to come. The fact that they can be warmed or cooled (increasing the array of sensations you can experience) and are also waterproof are more advantages.

Better Sex – 8 Essential Lovemaking Tips For Great Sex!

Here we are going to give you some tips for better sex.

These lovemaking tips are guaranteed to enhance your sex life and lead to great sex, for both you and your partner.

Let’s take a look at how to achieve better sex and enjoy great sex, with some simple tips anyone can do.

1. Breathing

Correct breathing can greatly enhance your sex life and lead to better sex and its easy to learn how to breathe deeply – It will relax you and increase sexual satisfaction.

A simple tip is :
During intercourse learn to synchronise your breathing with your partners. This is a great way of feeling a total connection and union with your partner.

When you do it, it can lead to fantastic, mind blowing orgasms.

2. The art of foreplay

You should always have plenty of foreplay before sexual intercourse and it provides the following:

- It will relax both you and your partner.

- It’s fun.

- It will make orgasm more satisfying when you are “warmed up” for sexual union and intercourse.

It’s a known fact that most women find foreplay essential for orgasm and it also applies to men as well.

3. Target the less obvious erogenous zones

We all know the obvious ones, but there are many others you can explore and you should do so.

Consider these as examples:

The neck, this is one of the most significant erogenous zones for women and a kiss, lick or nibble on the neck, is one of the best ways to turn a women on and men love it to.

Other great erogenous zones are the hair and scalp – Stroking, tugging or running your hands over the scalp, is extremely erotic for both men and women.

Finally, don’t forget kissing!

In a recent poll 90% of both men and women wanted more kissing from their partner.

It’s not just for teenagers! We communicate with our mouths and a passionate kiss is one of the best ways to show love and affection for both men and women.

4. Learn the art of massage

If you want to enjoy better sex then you need to learn the art of massage and its not difficult.

All you need are some sensual oils and massage the shoulders, back and base of the spine.

There are many oil that are sensuous, relaxing and it’s a proven fact we enjoy sex more when we are relaxed.

We then can concentrate on just sex and free our minds and massage with oils helps achieve this.

5. Communication

We all have things we like and don’t like about sex, just as we do in all aspects of life.

So what?

Well, unless you communicate with your partner and vice versa, you will never reach sexual harmony.

Speak frankly and openly, don’t make judgements on what your partner may want and tell her not to in reverse.

Your adults and adults should be able to talk freely about sex and not be judged.

If you communicate you will know what your partner wants and what you want and enjoy better sex.

6. Talk

Talk during sex! Sex is communication.

Let your partner know how much you want them and how much you are enjoying yourself.

We all like appreciation for our efforts and sex is no exception, if we feel we are pleasing our partners it turns us on even more.

7. Variety & Surprise

If sex is the same every time then it becomes boring, so add variety to your sex life.

There is plenty to learn and practice (and practice can be fun) we all love surprises and sex is no exception.

8. Whatever you do remember …

To do it with passion and desire. Show your partner you want them and they will love you for it.

Sex will not always be perfect but thats not the point!

You may come early, you may not orgasm at all, but do you know what?

Your partner will be understanding, if they know you desire, want and love them.

As my mother once said “if you don’t do it with a good heart don’t do it at all” (she wasn’t referring to sex but its true!) – Show passion, love and desire, follow the tips above and not only will you enjoy better sex – You will enjoy great sex.

Reprogramming Your Sexual Code Will Boost Your Sex Life

The way we seek to have sexual contact, how often we seek it, whether we seek it at all, who we seek it from says a lot about who we are and how we see ourselves sexually.

Unfortunately for many of us, how we see ourselves sexually comes with a lot of emotional and sexual baggage and problems which start right after birth. Much of Western upbringing does not provide children with sexual training to develop their sex impulses correctly. Many parents in the Western cultures assume that their children are born with no concept of sex or sexuality. There is very little encouragement for children to pay attention to their sexual feelings and touching, caressing and skin contact between adults and children is kept to a minimal. Most parents are alarmed when a child shows sexual tendencies or what is considered “bad habits” and quickly try to break those “bad habits”. They intrude their anxious moralizing into the most intimate biological, emotional and spiritual processes of their children in order to curb possible sources of sexual excitation or masturbatory impulses. Children quickly learn not to touch their sexual parts and end up masturbating in solitude and always feeling a deep shame about it.

Even when children are taught about sex, the “birds and bees” biology format does not permit for sexual inquiry and exploration because adults subconsciously censor sexual vocabularies and reproduced them in disfigured clinical terms. Children learn that they shouldn’t engage in certain sexual behaviours, a few of them know why, but a majority do not know what to do with the sensations they experienced in their bodies moment to moment. As adults most people are not just physically but also sexually clumsy because they do not know the natural way of being sexual in the body. Instead of allowing sexual energy to freely flow through the whole body, they draw it up and out of the body and restrict and confine it above the neck. The rest of the body which is innately sensate, highly energized and spontaneous is frozen up to the point where it begins to shrivel and die. Even sexual language (and tone of voice) reflect this disconnection – dry, shallow, empty, and held back.

This baggage from childhood also manifests itself in fears of rejection; body image concerns and feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness; sexual shyness; sexual timidity; performance anxiety; anger towards the opposite sex etc. Even with relatively good parenting our evolving sexuality causes enormous tensions and stresses that tend to make it difficult to bond with the opposite sex.

Compare this to the African culture in which I was raised in where within weeks after birth, mothers begin the preparation of their children into adolescent and adult sex life. Mothers and grandmothers massage girls’ genitalia during infancy and girlhood. This massage is sometimes accompanied by stretching of the clitoris during the daily bath to elongate them. For boy infants, the foreskin is pulled back and cleaned at bathing and his penis and testicles teased and gently massaged. Mothers do not ignore the child’s heightened level of excitement and mimicking of adult sexual behaviour but instead softly massage the baby’s back, arms, scalp etc until the baby is relaxed and calm. This sexual training continues throughout childhood to adolescence and is completed at the rites of passage to adulthood schooling. Later on when a person engages in sexual relationships he or she is familiar and comfortable with his or her sexual feelings and desires. Healthy sexual development not only provides bliss for the individual, but also a harmonious family and “tribal” life. There is no unhealthy fascination or obsession, and no sexual inhibition, frustration and stress related conditions that most people in Western societies (North American) have.

You may not have received the sexual education you needed in your early years of development but you can reprogram your sexual code and become the mysterious and powerful, engaging, and magnetic sexual being and lover you’ve always wanted to be.

Overturning your deeply-rooted patterns of thought and behaviour involves more than simply seeing the “light” and moving forward in a blissful state of enlightened liberation. It requires a lot of self-reflection, willingness to look at yourself as you are (simmering resentments, emotional wounds, memories of painful humiliations, confusions, fears of inadequacy and rejection), and the courage to change the things you need to change.

Pornography As a Turn-On for Fun-Driven Adult Sex

Adventurous couples can buy a pornographic video and watch it together. That is generally a surefire way to end up in bed. In fact, it is usually when couples are in bed that they watch such films. And if the film is a good one they will enjoy being turned on as they watch it. Many couples find that the provocative content stimulates them to duplicate what is being viewed. They are impulsively driven to touch each other, kid around, mimic the sex acts, and swing from the imagined chandelier as they tickle each other’s fancy.

In many countries in the world, including most industrialized ones, pornography is not banned or hidden from view. For example, at King’s Cross district in Sydney, Australia a section of the city is designated to show and sell pornography Sex oriented videos, DVDs, books, sex toys, lubricants, assumed aphrodisiacs, are sold in kiosks and stores. Strip clubs, restaurants, massage parlors and other clubs are available to meet members of the opposite sex.

In Europe, in many countries, and cities pornography is not hidden and thus available for adults. In all the countries there are restrictions to the sale of pornography to children and prosecution of offenders is open and continuous.

In the US pornography is not banned from sale to adults although there is no tolerance on anyone abusing the Child Pornography laws.

But for the purpose of improving the sex life of adults pornography has a place for some. Do you have to be lonely or hard-up to use porn? The answer is No. Porn can be a substitute for sex for many lonely and sex starved adults, mainly men, and for adults without a partner who like visual stimulation for self-arousal.

Finally, let’s examine whether pornography can fit into the armamentarium of the average adult who wishes for increased stimulation for lovemaking. What can porno offer?
As with any movie there is added stimulation by watching real pictures compared to imaging such scenes. Some porno videos actually tell a reasonable story where there is more than just sexual exploitation. So some selection is necessary. Google is a good resource to discover what are considered the best sex videos made in the past few decades.

Beside adding visual stimulation couples can mimic what they see, learn about new positions, empathize with the excitement of the sex partners, imagine participating in the viewed sex, experience sex beyond their own interests, such as gay, bi, S and M, bondage, oral and anal sex, and the use of fetishes. Some show dancing, foreplay that could be stimulating and perhaps above all can act as a stimulus to open the viewers to become freer and lustier about sex.

If you attempt to try out the benefits of sex videos and it is new to you imagine becoming an adventurer and explorer so you don’t take a negative bias into your viewing. An open mind will allow you to gain what might be there for you. At the very worst it won’t have any effect on you and may even turn you off. If so, just chalk it up as another interesting experience.

To determine if pornography may be a stimulus for your personal sex life approach its use openly. It might be a new vehicle for greater enjoyment of sex for occasional use or even frequent use. Remember adults have no restrictions on what they mutually do and prefer behind closed doors. So enjoy the movies and enjoy the sex and know you have taken another step to gaining a new stimulus for sex and love.

Top Ways on How to Make Your Sex Life Sizzle

Is your love life boring and uninteresting? So, are you racking your head thinking about top ways to make your sex life sizzle? Do not be frustrated. Find out here top ways in order to sizzle your love life.

You would just require to do a bit…simply use these innovative ideas to spice up your love life. If you make use of these ideas, you would certainly enjoy exciting love life with your partner. One such great idea is to purchase some adult toys such as silky blindfolds and handcuffs.

Just think of some games that you can play with him, when you both are together. The idea here is to let your lover enjoy the feeling that he does not have any control over you. You be the leader and ask him to search for you blindfolded or simply handcuff him and play a similar kind of game. This would surely make your sex life sizzle. So, go straight to a toys shop and purchase them right away

Another interesting idea is to explore his sensitive spots when you are into each other’s arms. If so long you have not discovered his delicate spots that can stimulate him, then try it right now. Generally, you can trigger him if you gently stroke his back of his neck or portion behind his ears.

Giving body massage with oil is yet another fascinating idea to make your sex life sizzle. Usually, every man loves to get a relaxing and soothing massage from his wife or girlfriend. So, if you plan to give him a massage, your partner will surely love it. However, learn some of the massaging strokes before you go for it to avoid any harm to him.

You should also allow him to find out your sensitive spots. Let this whole episode be adventurous and engrossing. To make your love life more riveting, you can try out different locations while being together. Simple kissing or hugging in either the kitchen or bathroom is enough to do the trick.

You can even spend quality time together in a hammock in your backyard. Moreover, when it comes to enjoying together, you should not limit yourself in time. There is no morning and evening for lovers and couples. You can enjoy intimacy anywhere and during any hour of the day, provided, you both are comfortable with it.

Using the Tips From an Adult Sex Guide Could Help Improve Your Love Life

Many books have been written for adults only. These books not only contain jokes, list out sex tips and discus different problems but also focus on games adults play. You can check out the details online and then download the right information which you can read at leisure. Several “Men’s only”sites are also available, where you can sign up as a member. Men openly discuss the most delicate topics and share views and opinions online. They send out regular newsletters, so that you receive an update on the latest in fashion, gadgets, products and more.

Some men are naturally good lovers. They are able to keep their women happy by doing what comes naturally. The important thing is that you should learn to relax. You should concentrate less on trying not to prematurely ejaculate and more on getting your lover in the right mood. A woman likes to take her time enjoying the sensations and foreplay that allows her to reach her peaks. Learn how to kiss and fondle her in such a way that she gets turned on. You can get detailed information from any adult sex guide online. Do not be hasty in choosing the first one that you see. Seeking information is one thing but putting it into practice will make the difference.

An adult sex guide will have more explicit information on the secret hot sex buttons you need to press, how much pressure you can apply and how to control yourself, from exploding prematurely. In the privacy of your bedroom, you can try out different variations and techniques. You can completely transform your den to make it look alluring, by lighting a few incensed candles, or you can both soak in that Jacuzzi swirling with beautiful red rose petals and lavender scented oils. The whole ambiance should be seductive with light music playing in the background. Do not overdo any of this because that could scare your lover away.

Make use of the hot sex tips that are contained in an Adult sex guide. Remember, kinky sex may interest your partner. Discuss your likes and dislikes and mutually try to benefit by deriving maximum pleasures from your efforts.

Read This Before Downloading Any Adult Sex Guide

The online world is actually inundated with adult sex guides. Just try searching for them on your favorite search engine and you are going to see such a lot of them waiting for you. They are all priced differently according to what they are supposed to contain and they contain different things as well. But, the point is, do you really need an adult sex guide?

The question you have to ask yourself is why you are looking for such a book to help you. Definitely the answer is that you are looking at improving your sexual performance. You are looking at giving your woman greater pleasure in bed. And you are hoping that the tantalizing sex guide you are looking forward to download will help you with it.

But, the fact is, no sex guide can help you if you don’t help yourself. These are some points you have to consider beforehand.

1. Good sex doesn’t come without a good equation with your partner. Yes, there are books that will train you in the pure art of carnal sex, but if you are in a long term committed relationship, then such a book won’t help you. Probably you will need a book that will tell you how to construct a better relationship with your partner than just some meaningless sex.

2. If you indulge in a great deal of foreplay, you can arouse your woman immensely. This is something that can really help you in what lies ahead. Maybe you won’t need the adult sex guide to spice up your act after that.

3. Another thing you have to consider is that you will need to actually implement the things that are mentioned in the guide if you want it to be effective for you. You cannot just read the book and then not implement it. Then it would be a futile exercise. In all probability the book is going to tell you about how you can have some more daring sexual experiences to make things more exciting-you have to be able to use that.

These are some of the things that you have to consider before downloading any adult sex guide. Will you be able to do it? That’s the question you have to answer.